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Terms of Use


Please write comments that are constructive and polite, so that we can have a useful dialogue. It is also helpful to keep your comments clear and brief – we suggest less than 150 words. If you have several ideas, write several comments.

Please do not make personal attacks.

Please take ownership of your opinions and do not create more than one user account.

The moderators of this portal have agreed to remove comments which contain offensive or abusive language or which seem to be essentially disruptive or off-topic. They will remove comments which contain personal, or possibly damaging, information about individuals. They will also remove comments which contain advertising statements or contact information. Moderators also have the right to suspend or delete accounts of users who repeatedly break these terms. The moderators’ judgement on this is to be respected.

Any visitor who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to report it to the moderators using the link provided.

Inclusion of any statement or comment in this portal does not indicate that Impact4you endorse it or take any responsibility for it.

More specifically, the following actions are strongly forbidden:

  • Discussion and posting of messages, links and/or materials which are abusive, obscene, profane, hateful, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person’s privacy and against any law and human right. The same applies also to username / nickname selection.
  • Posting of any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by the owners.
  • Flaming, i.e. posting messages to cause upset, rather than further the discussion.
  • Mining of the functionality of the system. This includes any action that manipulates the software application or other technologies in order to interrupt the service, bypasses the security and safety of the system, attempts to acquire access to other users’ accounts and exploits possible bugs of the Forum.
  • Impersonation
  • Smurfing, i.e. creation of multiple accounts from the same users.

Forum rules & principles:

  • Participants in Forum must publish their contributions under their registered user name.
  • Forum contributions published must directly relate to the topic of debate and be accurate upon participants’ full knowledge and never intentionally false.
  • Participants must follow general standards of authorship citation or quotation and fair use of excerpts.
  • It is forbidden by participants to engage in any kind of personal attacks, threats, and hate speech or to express intolerance against age, sex, race, nationality, religious belief or others opposite to the universal human rights.
  • All contributions published in Forum are made public. While original contribution remains in their author’s personal copyright, others have the right to publicly quote portions of their message.
  • Contributions or parts of contributions (e.g. individual words or sentences violating communication rules) will be removed by facilitators and archived in a separate read-only thread within the topic of contribution. Facilitators have to supplement removed or changed contribution with an argumentation / rationale for taking such an action.
  • Participants should respect other participant’s right to expression and autonomy of contributions within the communication rules of the Forum.
  • Contributions published by participants should be well structured, not to long and not shorter than one sentence.
  • Participants follow general principles of civil behavior and are avoiding insults, sarcasm, angry tone or inflamed speech. Personal one-on-one arguments and disagreements or personality conflicts are not encouraged.

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