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Organization of the annual CAPS international conference in the context of Horizon 2020

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Monday, September 1, 2014


Sigma Orionis
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Synergies among existing CAPS projects

CAPS2020 is in a unique supporting role in the group of CAPS projects. Unlike most of the other projects, it is not creating tools, platforms or a forum for its target users. Instead, it is targeting its activities to support the success of each one of the CAPS projects by organizing two conferences focusing on CAPS and looking for collaboration and synergies between them.

Why is our project important? 

The CAPS projects presented here all need a space for networking, for meeting each other and for exchanging ideas and lessons learned internally in the CAPS community and with the broader social innovation community. (e.g. researchers, investors, social entrepreneurs, organizations, policy makers). By organising events that address CAPS projects and the wider social innovation community, our project provides the CAPS projects with the opportunity to increase their visibility and impact and to connect with organizations outside of Europe who are developing similar projects. At these CAPS2020-events, the CAPS projects are able to address issues of common interest, to develop synergies between initiatives, and to discuss the CAPS research roadmap for Horizon 2020, the biggest EU-funded Research and Innovation programme so far. These events will also attract other communities facing real problems who can benefit from the use of the methodologies and tools developed by existing CAPS projects.

What are our goals? 

  • Foster synergies and collaboration within the CAPS project community
  • Connect the CAPS project community with the broader social innovation community in Europe

Initiatives, tools and services we have already launched 

1st CAPS2020 event: CAPS2014, organized in two parts: CAPS2014 Conference on July 1st and CAPS2014 OFF July 2nd
  • Attendees: 350 key stakeholders per day from all over Europe and beyond, including European Commission (EC) officials, institutions, NGOs, national and international companies, SMEs, academia and research institutes representatives.
  • Thirteen workshops and presentations and an exhibition were held covering various topics with more than 20 speakers. 
  • If you are interested in the presentations, discussions, key-note speakers, the social media buzz or want to get a quick glance on who was there, visit the report here.


2nd CAPS2020 event: CAPS2015, also divided into two parts, took place on July 7-8. The whole event was organized at La Tricoterie, Brussels. CAPS2015 Conference took place on July 7 AM while the OFF programme was extended to one and a half day on July 7 PM and July 8.
  • Attendees: 337 participants per day representing more than thirty countries, from both Europe and beyond, and working in various areas making of this second edition of the CAPS event a fruitful moment for all present stakeholders;
  • No less than thirty two sessions (panels and workshops) and sixty two speakers

All proceedings, presentations and pictures are available on CAPS2020 website


All videos of both year events are available on CAPS2020 YouTube channel and include live presentations, interviews, trailers and DG Connect’s Director General Robert Madelin’s opening addresses.

Initiatives, tools and services we are still working on 

The project has concluded its activities.

Who will benefit from our project? 

  • Those affiliated with CAPS projects (consortium partners)
  • European Citizens who have an interest in any of the issues and topics covered by one or more of the CAPS, and who are or could be interested in using some of the tools developed by the projects
  • Public servants and policy makers of local, national and European institutions interested in learning more about possible solutions to problems in their community of reference
  • Key European institutions based in Brussels
  • Organizations developing similar projects such as NGO, associations, charities, etc.

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