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Green washing?

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Green washing?

The Guardian recently published a piece on the nine billion-dollar companies turning a profit from sustainability.  The so-called green giants include Ikea, Unilever, Nike, Toyota,  Natura, to mention a few. The article also reveals 6 secrets to their success.

What's the scoop behind these companies?  Is there enough information to say that e.g. IKEA is an environmentally sustainable company? Last time I visited IKEA, they still produced all kinds of household and other items for an unbelievably low price. In addition, the IKEA goods leave something to be desired in what comes to durability.

Who is to say these companies are not just green washing to improve their image and appeal to the increasing environmentally and socially aware clientele?

What says the crowd on Wikirate about these above mentioned brands?

The full article is to be read here: http://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2016/jan/02/billion-dollar-companies-sustainability-green-giants-tesla-chipotle-ikea-nike-toyota-whole-foods?CMP=share_btn_tw