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ObstacleTracker Web Map

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ObstacleTracker Web Map
As part of the CAP4Access project, GIScience at the University of  Heidelberg has produced a number of tools aiming at improving  accessibility for people with reduced mobility and raising awareness to  the challenges faced by those people with regards to getting around  everyday environments.
One of these tools is the Obstackle Tracker Web Map, which is the main  location for people to view the obstacles recorded by others. Not only  can they view the obstacles and corresponding description and imagery,  they can also view local Mapillary imagery alongside the obstacles in  the area. You can view it here: http://cap4navi.geog.uni-heidelberg.de/ObstacleTracker/.
We'd love to hear your thoughts on this tool! Considering that the tool  is still under development (and thus, not yet bug-free), what's best and  worst about it?