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Data Protection Day 2016

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Data Protection Day 2016

The 28th January is 'Data Protection Day'. 


People' personal data are being processed today every second in most of our daily activities - when we work, when we engage with firms, when we buy online, look for travel, consult the Internet or even in our health practices. It is there important to be aware of what we share online and especially with the risks that are related to the protection of our personal data and the rights we have as citizens in this respect. After the signature of its data protection convention known as 'Convention 108', the Council of Europe launched in 2006 the Data Protection Day (Privacy Day outside Europe). Since we all have busy lives, it is important to sit and reflect one day about what is happening with our data and data protection. On 28th of January, governments, parliaments, national data protection bodies and other actors therefore organise activities to raise awareness about the rights of personal data protection and privacy. Watch here a video about 2016's Data Protection Day and consult here the Council of Europe page dedicated to Data Protection Day with the program of what is happening today. It contains interesting interviews from privacy experts, among others one with Max Schrems, data activist from Austria who started the procedure that led to the ruling by the European Court of Justice that disvalidated the scheme of 'safe harbours' by the EC. Moreover, the page also includes a very handy guide detailing your rights as a user. 

Within the CAPS project scheme, one project called USEMP focussed on user empowerment with respect to data and Privacy in social media such as Facebook. They developed a demo-tool called Databait that will allow you to see what happens with the personal data that you share on Facebook or on the Internet. In other words, you'll be able to discover the digital trail that you leave after having used social media. It is a very handy tool that moreover won the first prize in November 2015 on the European ICT event!

Find out more about Databait and the USEMP project here on our platform. If you think that projects such as USEMP are necessary, then complete the questionnaire below the project description. Your opinion is valuable as the feedback gathered from citizens via impact4you will flow back to the European Commission and  will shape the future of the CAPS projects of which USEMP belongs. So today, you can also make a difference in the privacy and data protection debate! 

Do you think that initiatives such as Data Protection Day are useful? And yes why? Or do you like to share the way you take care of it or know other tools or tricks to be aware of data protection? Then don't hesitate to discuss it in this topic.