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What is Impact4you

Impact4you is an open source, easy-to-use tool designed to support anyone who needs to know more about social innovation initiatives, approach and opportunities. Through the on line platform you have the opportunity to learn more about what CAPS are offering and express your opinion on European project outputs working in the field (under the CAPS initiative) and discuss about the services offered and their potentiality in terms of impact at social level. 
The Impact4you platform is one of the three online tools developed by IA4SI project enabling projects to understand and improve their socio-economic and environmental impacts

How to get Involved

How to register

Just click the Register/Login button at the top of the page. If you have a Facebook/twitter/LinkedIn account, then click at the relevant Connect button.This will automatically synchronize your account settings and your login details will serve as your login details for Impact4you. If you do not want to use your social media account or if you do not have one, press on the Login button, follow the instructions and create your Impact4you account. Please note that the registration is compulsory only for the Forum, there is no need to register in order to navigate through the platform.

How to login

If you registered using your social media account, click on the relevant login button.
If you registered manually, use your user name and password to login in.

How to join the Forum

By selecting the relevant Topic you can post your comment.
Please read the Terms of Use

How to use the platform

How to participate

Choose the project of your preference by clicking the relevant block available within the Home page. You will be redirected to the relevant project's page where a detailed description of the offered tools is presented. Below the description, a set of questions is available in which you are kindly request to answer. Additionally, you can participate to the discussions that are available per project by visiting the Forum.

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How to contact Impact4you

You can contact us either through the “Give us your Feedback!” form or by sending us an email at info@IA4SI.eu