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Twelve Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability & Social Innovation are now online! Meet the community! 

Welcome to Impact4you!

The Impact4you platform presents a number of societal challenges that are being tackled by European Union funded CAPS-projects. These  CAPS projects are unique because they explicitly use a social innovation approach. This means that they work collaboratively following a  bottom-up approach, involving people and grassroots organizations, rather than working top-down and in one-direction producing something for, rather than with the community. Moreover, the output of their work aims to create a societal benefit, something that we all can benefit  from, rather than only producing economic gains.
The projects presented on this platform represent the first generation of CAPS projects. You now have the unique opportunity to get involved in  sharing your thoughts on the effectiveness and the need for these  projects. We want to hear from European citizens what they think about the projects aims, objectives and outputs so that we can inform  the European Commission as to what kind of initiatives the European  citizens value.
Your feedback will not only help the CAPS-projects  presented here, but it will also help shape the future of social  innovation at the European Union!
So, get to know the CAPS and share your opinion!

Read the descriptions of the projects and share your opinion!

  • Creating digital tools for network democracy and economic empowerment! D-CENT is working on digital tools participatory democracy for citizens and civil society groups

  • Promoting scientific citizenship! SciCafe2.0 Consortium is focused on adapting methods used for communicating science to enable more participative ways of engaging citizens

  • Seed funding for digital social innovation! CHEST supports social entrepreneurs and innovators in proposing an IT-based idea for solving societal challenges

  • Collective intelligence tools for online debates! CATALYST aims to improve creative ideation for the common good in large scale online debates for social innovation

  • Supporting and facilitating the CAPS! CAPS2020 is targeting to support the success of each one of the CAPS projects by organizing two conferences focusing on CAPS

  • Bringing privacy back to online social media users! USEMP wants to empower users regarding the sharing of their personal data on online social networks

  • Commons based peer production! P2Pvalue is focusing on common-based peer production (or CBPP), a new and innovative model of production

  • Encouraging wider use of (un)official wellbeing data! Web-COSI aims at involving communities in the use of statistics about well-being that go beyond the traditional GDP

  • Improving accessibility in European cities! CAP4Access wants to make it easy for anyone with mobility impairments to access the places they need to get to in the city

  • Turning climate change awareness into active engagement! DecarboNet investigates how social platforms can be used to raise people's awareness of energy and climate change issues

  • Community powered data bank for corporate behaviour! WikiRate.org is a place where anyone can contribute information on companies and brands in a wiki-like manner...

  • Assessing the impact of social innovation! IA4SI aims to assess the societal, economic, political and environmental impact of Collective Awareness Platforms

Welcome to Impact4you!


Here you can find more about initiatives developing solutions related to social innovation approaches and opportunities.
Impact4you offers a unique opportunity for you to voice your opinion by answering selected questions related to social innovation initiatives.
Impact4you invites you to learn, discuss and answer questions related to social innovation initiatives. 

Stay tuned and get involved!

Latest News

26 April 16
CAPS stands for Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation. It is an initiative launched by DG CONNECT of the European Commission in 2013 aimed at stimulating socially innovative applications of network technologies, building collective intelligence and collective action.
This event aims at bringing together old and new CAPS projects, discussing ideas for the next...
26 April 16
As part of the Collective Awareness Platforms from the European Commission DSI4EU kindly invites your to be part of our policy workshop on the 29th of June in Brussels. We aim  to bring together CAPS projects, European Commission Policy Officials and digital social innovators from all over Europe to be able to get in touch,...

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